Khmelnitsky Mechanical Plant A wide range of construction machines. Chain trenchers, bulldozers, mortar, concrete mixers, tractors, pipelayers.  

Earth-moving machines


Equipment for mortar mix and concrete mix production

Special equipment


The plant was founded in 1973 as a repair and engineering works of the Ukrainian Ministry of Rural Building and intended for repair and production of construction machines and non-typical equipment.

In 1997 the plant was reorganized into a public corporation named 'Khmelnitsky Mechanical Plant'. The availability of an effective proprietor resulted in a change of the production structure, update of the production facilities and hire of new specialists. The new production types were developed and the existing products were modified according to current requirements.

Khmelnitsky Mechanical Plant

Khmelnitsky Mechanical Plant manufactures a wide range of construction machines.

  • chain trenchers,

  • bulldozers,

  • equipment for production of mortar mix and concrete mix,

  • equipment for installation of cables and pipes in a trenchless way,

  • bulky freight trailers,

  • any non-standard equipment on your order.

Khmelnitsky Mechanical Plant carries out maintenance and production of spare parts for construction machines produced by the plant and by other manufacturers. Designing and production of non-standard equipment for specific activities is possible.

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