Khmelnitsky Mechanical Plant A wide range of construction machines. Chain trenchers, bulldozers, mortar, concrete mixers, tractors, pipelayers.  

Earth-moving machines


Equipment for mortar mix and concrete mix production

Special equipment


Mixer SB-97M for dry mix production

Mixer SB-97M for dry mix production

Loading volume (litres): 450
Productivity (cubic m/h): 10
Overall dimensions (mm)
  length: 2150
  width: 1250
  height: 1150
Weight (kg): 850

Mortar mixer SB-97

Loading volume (litres): 325
Quantity of work cycles per hour: 25
Overall dimensions (mm)
  length: 2790
  width: 2150
  height: 2340
Weight (kg): 1200

Concrete and mortar mixer SB–186

Concrete and mortar mixer SB–186

Loading volume (litres)
  concrete: 250
  mortar: 330
Quantity of work cycles per hour: 40/60
Overall dimensions (mm)
  length: 2600
  width: 1600
  height: 1920
Weight (kg): 1500

Concrete mixer SB–375 with 2 axles

Loading volume (litres): 250
Quantity of work cycles per hour: 50
Installed drive power (kw): 12
Overall dimensions (mm)
  length: 2350
  width: 1460
  height: 2150
Weight (kg): 1350


MBZZ-10 Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

1. Bin for Inert Materials.
2. Batcher for Inert Materials. 
3. Transmission Belt.
4. Cement Silo.
5. Cement Auger.
6. Cement Batcher.
7. Water Batcher.
8. Mixer.
9. Additive Batcher.
10. Control Cabin.


Throughput: 10 cubic m/g
Mixer Type: SB 186
Pintle Mixer: 1x11 kW
Capacity of Dry Materials: 0.4 cubic m
Capacity of Compacted Materials: 0.25 cubic m
Cement Bin: 1x25 cubic m

Plant for Producing and Packing Dry Mixes

The plant is designed to produce and pack dry plaster, multi-purpose, masonry and assembly mixes. It is a production plant comprising separate geometrical units that can be easily connected in a single production line of different modifications at a customer's will.

1. Cement Bin.
2. Cement Auger.
3. Auger Sand Charger.
4. Group Batcher.
5. Mortar Mixer.
6. Supporting Structure.
7. Delivery Bin.
8. Supporting Structure.
9. Packer.
10. Delivery Table with Weighting Device.

Plant Specification

package: 150-180 sacks/ hour
bulk: 10000 kgs/hour
Mixer component bin capacity: 12-25 cubic m
Mixer Capacity
SB-97 type: 326 L
PSB-500 type: 500 L
Cycle (charging - mixing - discharging): 2-4 minutes
Installed Capacity: 16-44 kW
Voltage: 380 V